thank you, I love you too Grace


so is liam auditioning for high school musical 4

or a movie about justin bieber’s life like what’s going on here

Grace watching JB’s new music video (x)

  • me: that sounds mean i better add a lol at the end


you may unfollow me but you can never deny that you liked my blog enough to make the conscious decision to follow me in the first place

do you ever ship something so hard that you just

try to rip the skin off your face

  • Tom Daley: Hi I'm Tom Daley.
  • Tom Daley: I'm 18.
  • Tom Daley: I'm hot as fuck.
  • Tom Daley: I dive professionally.
  • Tom Daley: I'm competing in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games
  • Tom Daley: I'm British, so I have a cute accent.
  • Tom Daley: I have other hot, British friends.
  • Tom Daley: I have perfect teeth, beautiful eyes, and gorgeous brown hair.
  • Tom Daley: I hip thrusted to "Sexy and I Know It"
  • Tom Daley: I have an amazing personality.
  • Tom Daley: I'm really really really good at maths.
  • Tom Daley: I have an amazing body.
  • Tom Daley: And, surprise, I'm even friends with your favorite band, One Direction.


no matter who you follow and unfollow

and no matter who you blacklist

one direction will always find a way onto your dash


I’m pretty sure I’m doing this teenager thing completely wrong

  • me trying to tell a story: so yeah like, he said, or no, wait, first she was like.... i don't remember, but it's not important to the story 'cause... wait, yeah it is, but, i don't know man, it was just weird you know 'cause.. i don't know

  • me watching the Olympics: oh wow, that was impressive!